Truth about Sulfites


What are sulfites and why are they in wine?

Let's get the facts straight- all wines have sulfites. Sulfur dioxide happens in wines naturally when grape juice is fermented. The question is if additional sulfites are added throughout the farming practice and wine making process.
The term 'sulfites' also known as SO2 are made up of antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help with preventing oxidation in wine. Without some sulfites, your favorite bottle of wine would turn into vinegar.

Why do old world  wines have less sulfites than wines from California?

It's simple- Wines that are higher in acidity require less added sulfites and wines with higher sugar content tend to need more sulfites so second fermentation does not occur with the residual sugars in the wine. New word wines are usually lower in acidity and higher in sugar ( meaning higher in alcohol) which results in more added sulfites to preserve the wine.

Think your allergic to sulfites in wine?

The chances are slim. Dried fruits and processed foods hold more sulfites than red wines . By eating those you know if you have an allergy or not.