The Perfect Pair

The magic that is vino + cheese is giving us major relationship goals.


Wine and cheese is one of time's oldest pairings. This week we learned a lot about cheddar cheese from our local, Fiscalini farmstead in Modesto, CA. Fiscalini is a farmstead cheese production company that makes your favorite cheeses from San Joaquin Gold to Purple Moon Cabernet Soaked Cheddar. Fiscalini's Bandage Cheddar has been awarded BESTcheddar in the world three times! That means they beat out the world's most well known English and Scottish cheddars. Go NorCal!
When pairing a sharp, nutty cheddar think about mirroring those big flavors in the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape with lots of tannic structure and fruit that can hold up to a big, bad cheddar.