My name is Lauren Rose and I am passionate
about all things food and wine.

I spend my days working as a private chef, sommelier, and cheesemonger in Northern California. I specialize in seasonal, Mediterranean faire with my own millennial twist. Having worked in the wine industry for the last five years as an Italian wine importer, sommelier, and educator, I have learned that wine is subjective. I believe every meal should be celebrated and wine should be approachable. I create dishes and wine pairings my way, which isn't always by the book.

“A truly amazing chef!”

"It was a warm evening in Sacramento, and we were greeted with an Aperol spritz. Appetizers consisted of community pita bread, hummus, baba ghanoush, and a Lebanese empanada. Dinner was served family style: Juicy, delicious lamb and beef kefta, lentil and rice, and roasted veggies. My stomach, heart, and spirit were happy and full by the end of the night."

— Annie

“I've never tasted food so good!”

"Where do I begin? The beautiful venue overlooking AT&T Ballpark in San Francisco? The fun people I met from Ireland, Costa Rica, and Australia? The warm, inviting hostess? Or the to-die-for food she served? I can't decide which dish was my favorite: The Lebanese food or the stuffed onions. All I know is I have never tasted food so good! I cannot wait for the next event!"

— Lisa

"Lauren's food was incredible. Each dish was as complex and flavorful as the last. I truly felt as though I was transported to the Middle East. Lauren is an incredible chef and hostess, and I cannot wait for her next event!"

— Elizabeth