Valentine's Day: Chocolate & cheese board lovin'

Nothing says love more than cheese. Surprise your partner this Valentine's Day with the ultimate sweet and salty pairing: chocolate and cheese. It's really easy. Follow these simple cheese and chocolate pairing rules here to create the perfect board.

  • Dark Chocolate: Stick with aged and blue cheeses. You will want something with less milk content. Think less creamy, and more nutty, salty goodness like Gouda, Parmesan and Cheddar. Blue Cheese also makes a great dark chocolate pairing. The chocolate notes can bring out the light fruit and floral notes in the cheese. 
  • Milk Chocolate: Work on mirroring the flavors in the cheese and chocolate here. Creamy, buttery cheeses like Triple Cream Brie or Camembert can work wonders on milk chocolate. I like to melt out the chocolate myself so I can add Maldon salt, coconut flakes or dried flower.