Vino of the week: Fossa Mala, Pinot Grigio


What is Pinot Grigio? 

Pinot Grigio is a greyish-blue grape that can be  found in most major wine growing regions around the world. Although the grape grows a dark skin, it produces a light white wine with loads of minerality. Northeastern Italy is the epicenter of where majority of Pinot Grigio is produced and then shipped all over the globe. Pinot Grigio is very seldomly treated with oak while fermenting this has the reputation for crisp, easy drinking summer wine we know and love.

What's different about the Fossa Mala, Pinot Grigio? 

The grapes are harvested in early September in the cooler hours of the day and then vinified immediately without the skins.  Then 70% of the juice is fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and the remaining 30% in oak barrels. This results in a white wine with acidity and tannic structure. 

What to eat? 

Tis the season for figs. Grab some at your local farmers market with, Chevre (Laura Chenel is my favorite) and some thinly sliced proscuitto di parma. Top with honey to add some sweetness.